Monday, October 29, 2007

Cami Checkett's Halloween Challenge

Happy Halloween! In honor of the holiday of mini candy
bars and donuts, I decided to do a contest to
celebrate the release of "The Broken Path" and to try
to curb my chocolate addiction. It works like this.

Everyday you exercise - at least an hour of intense
exercise is my goal, but you can set your own goals -
you get a point.
Every treat you eat you lose a point - a serving will
basically be what you could fit in your hand - a
handful of candy, one slice of cake or pie, a few
cookies, a bowl of ice cream - lucky me, I've got
really big bowls!

The contest will start November 1st. At the end of the
month you will total your points. Hopefully, they'll
be positive. Then you'll e-mail me - If you get a higher score
than me, you get your choice of an electronic download
of either "The Broken Path" or "The Fourth of July".
Whoever gets the highest points wins a free print copy
of either book.

So, I'm hoping you'll all help me out and try the
contest. You could win a free book and improve your

Let me know if you're in. I'll give you updates on my
blog - - about how I'm doing
pointwise. That way you'll know how far ahead of me
you are and the certainty of winning a free book.

Have a safe and happy Halloween.

Cami Checketts

"The Fourth of July" and "The Broken Path"
Available at Borders, Barnes & Noble, Wild Rose Press and

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