Monday, May 26, 2008


What would Lucy Ricardo be without Ethel? Think of all your comedy favorites, and then name their sidekick. Let's face it, every setup is so much more fun with a duo. If you haven't guessed by now, Ethel is my all-time favorite sidekick.

That's what I worked on all last week--developing my heroine's sidekick. Originally I didn't have one, and I kept feeling like something important was missing from my newest romantic comedy. Thankfully I was less than 100 pages in before coming to this realization.

Here are my random thoughts on what a good sidekick does, and this is by no means an exhaustive list:

*A good sidekick shows the main character what they can't see about themselves through actions and dialogue. I think this works especially well if they have opposite personalities. Also, a good SK will tell it like she sees it. Think about it: Lucy always has a plan and is gung-ho. Ethel, on the other hand, is cautious and looks ahead to the consequences.

*A good sidekick adds to the conflict, or helps the heroine solve the conflict. Often, they are a partner in crime. Ethel may try to stay away from Lucy's plans, but in the end she's right there next to her.

*A good sidekick will help the main character see the motivations of others. This is especially important in first person books where the heroine can't know or see everything for herself. Many times this will be revealed in sounding board scenes. In my books they have a tendency to be in shopping or eating scenes.

*A good sidekick rounds out the main character. They don't upstage, but they are the proverbial wind beneath the MC's wings.

I love the sidekicks I've created thus far. In Table for One, the sidekick is level-headed Dinah who tells Lucy (heroine) to quit being paranoid. Lucy then responds, "Just because I'm paranoid, doesn't mean people aren't out to get me." It's all about helping the heroine get real about herself and life. Hopefully my new SK will live up to her predecessors.

Tell me about your favorite sidekicks--either TV/movie/book, or your own!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Lazy Days of Summer

Hi Everyone!

Rose Ross Zediker here.

As the warm months approach, I'm getting in the mood to take a vacation. but that won't happen for me until October so I'm going to do the next best thing. Escape outside with a good book. My favorite place is on the double rocker on my own front porch but only in the late afternoon and evening because it faces the east and the morning sun gets quite warm. Where is your favorite summer place to escape with a good book?

Here's what two reviewers said about my book Through The Eyes of Love, a White Rosebud released by The Wild Rose Press.

“Rose Ross Zediker’s portrayal of small town America sets the tone for an enjoyable inspirational romance that highlights the foibles of its citizens.” Says Gail a reviewer for Night Owl Romance (

“Ms. Rose Ross Zediker has done a good job of identifying her main characters with their distinct personalities and, of course, their inability to communicate with each other. It was amazing how quickly I lost myself in this novel and, even though I am through reading, its story lingers in my mind.” Brenda Talley, The Romance Studio (

Here's the Blurb:

Once the gangly boy next door, Mike Redmond grew into a six-foot, six-inch man. His former occupation as a guitarist in a Christian Rock Band necessitated a certain look including waist-length blond hair, goatee and hoop earrings. Forced into a major career change, Mike gave the situation over to God and follows what the Lord put on his heart. Opening a music store in Clearview and winning Audra's love.

Audra Pope runs a successful insurance agency but shies away from relationships, including one with God. Men want a perfect "magazine ad" woman and, due to her spine deformity, Audra doesn't meet that standard. Although Mike's outward appearance bothers an influential business owner, Audra begins to fall in love with him. Can she learn to see people, including herself, the way God does from the inside out?

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Forever from Paris

I'm excited to announce the upcoming release of my short story, Forever from Paris. The release date was just set for 23 July 2008, so I'm really jazzed. Here's the blurb and cover:

The Desire of her heart…

Finally, a man who doesn’t think Marie is a bumbling fool for not being able to articulate her thoughts. Kind, thoughtful, attentive…handsome: He’s definitely the answer to her prayer for a devoted husband.

A promise of forever…

Observant, funny, shy…gorgeous: Martin is tempted by the thought of a lifetime with Marie, but he must put aside his desire, for his heart is not free to love another woman.

Can the prayer for a husband and the prayer of a wife, heal hearts and craft a happily-ever-after for two unsuspecting strangers?

This will be available in electronic format from The Wild Rose Press.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Chicklit Genre

This month my first sweet chicklit novella will release with By Grace Publishing entitled, Meeting Mr. Right Online. So, perhaps you are asking what exactly is chicklit? Or maybe you’ve heard about Chicklit, and it doesn’t interest you. Well, let’s talk a little about this genre.

Chick-lit is primarily about young women in their 20’s or 30’s dealing with life (some newer titles include older women as well). It contains a light, humorous and most importantly a confiding tone (like you’re speaking to your girlfriends)—almost always in the first person. The themes focus around love, relationships, friendships, professional dilemmas, and a penchant for fashion—usually facing hilarious and embarrassing situations. But what it all comes down to is the heroine figuring out herself and what she really wants out of life. There is usually some kind of epiphany that blows her mind away and finally she can see clearly about what she really wants—or more importantly—needs.

Chicklit is in a different genre completely from romance because the focus is on the woman and how she navigates her way through the twists and turns life throws at her. But the romantic angle is usually at the forefront of the story. Another things about chicklit is that it does not always end in a happily ever after for the heroine and her love interest. Now I am an HEA girl all the way, so never fear, mine is very romantic and sweet and ends with an HEA.

Here is a peek at Meeting Mr. Right Online ~ Available May 30th at


What’s a girl to do when she’s thirty-three and all her friends have started their lives and left her behind?

Lucinda Kelley works for a local cable television show, assists her sister in her tumultuous relationships, and yearns for the day she can meet Mr. Right. All that seems to change when she meets Londoner Julian Crawford in an on-line tv chat room. Eight months later, via email he has become her best friend and closest confidant. Then one day the messages cease, and Lucinda feels lost until she makes a vow to end this infatuation with someone she has never met and move on to something real. When an alarming revelation is exposed, it could be Lucinda’s undoing or it might be exactly what she was looking for.

Here is the opening:

Good evening, this is Amber Heffernan, reporting live for channel 11 entertainment news outside the beautiful Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City. In just a few minutes, the glamorous Lucinda Kelley will emerge with her new husband, that handsome British financier. This couple has been in the media limelight since they first started seeing each other almost six months ago, outshining all of the other popular Hollywood pairs. The bride was married today in a Vera Wang strapless scoop-neck wedding gown, and I’m told she looked absolutely stunning. When the couple exits the hotel, they will travel to JFK International Airport to board the family jet to Jamaica, where the two-some plan to depart for a two week honeymoon. After that they will settle into their Malibu home in California where Lucinda produces her award winning television sitcom…

The computer beeped letting me know it had finally booted up and there I was daydreaming again. I really had to stop doing that. I clicked the button once more, hoping this time it would be there. I held my breath for the few seconds it took to check my email messages, feeling that depressed, empty sensation once more when I didn’t see it. Rubbing my forehead, I closed my eyes. This was absolutely ridiculous. Why did I torture myself so?


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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Keeping Faith Released from The Wild Rose Press

Keeping Faith, the fourth book in the Orchard Hill series was released yesterday at The Wild Rose Press.

In case you haven't visited Orchard Hill yet, here's a little bit about the series:

Orchard Hill Residents – lock up your hearts!

Pansy Parker and Misty Green are rivals in romance. Each believes she is the town’s best matchmaker. Now they’re going to settle the question for once and for all. They’re keeping track to see who can make the most matches in a year’s time. Both Misty and Pansy are determined to be the winner. No heart is safe in Orchard Hill – not even their own.

And here's a bit about "Keeping Faith."
School secretary Faith Fielding has been in love with her boss for years. She’s waiting for him to move beyond his late wife’s memory. But when he finally does ask someone out – and it’s not her – Faith decides she’s had enough and gives her notice.

School principal Andrew Thomas can’t imagine life or work without loyal efficient Faith but he doesn’t understand why she’s quitting. Faith’s last day is the big end of school Memorial Day Picnic. Will Andrew figure out how to keep Faith by then or will she be gone for good?

Please stop by my Orchard Hill blog for excerpts and news.

Thanks for reading
Kara Lynn Russell

Merry, Merry Month of May

Hello There Friends!

Haven't posted in a while but so much is happening that I just had to drop by and share.

Today on My Blog, I'm spotlighting author Debby Allen.

Also today, I'm being spotlighted on Rainedelights Weblog and tonight @ 7:50 pm CST I'll be Interviewd - Live! on Today's Author.

On a personal note, Saturday I'm travelling to Nacogdoches, TX for my son's graduation from Stephen F Austin University and on Friday the 16th, hubby and I are headin' up to Missouri to visit family.

So not only is it the "Merry, Merry month of May" it's the Busy, Busy Month of May LOL!

I'd like to take this opportunity to wish Each and Every Mother out there a BLESSED and Happy Mother's Day!

Well Folks, that's about all for now. For more information on what's happening in my life and writing, visit my website or blog and sign up for my newsletter!

Until later.....take care, God Bless and remember....You reap what you sow, therefore sow love and peace.

Pamela S Thibodeaux

"Inspirational with and Edge!"

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Join Me This Month

Throughout the entire month of May, I'll be hosting the By Grace Yahoo Group. At the end of the month, I'll award a copy of my latest release: Meeting Mr. Right Online (Coming May 30th ). So, please join in the conversation. Every day you speak up, I'll add your name into the drawing for a copy of this book. Here is the link to the group:

Hope to see you there!