Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Question from Rose Ross Zediker

Does The "Teaser Page" Entice?

On today's blog, I'm going to post what I call the teaser page of a novel. The front page matter that covers one short portion of a scene that shows the hero/heriones attraction for one another.

I'd like your opinions-does this leaves you wanting to know the "rest of the story"?

"It's okay. You can touch my hair, if you want to." Mike brought Audra's hand to his cheek.

Audra slid her hand up his face until she locked some strands between her two fingers. She smoothed down and out until the breeze caught it. She duplicated the movement on the other side.

Mike had to close his eyes and focus on keeping his emotions in check. His heart drummed in his chest, causing his breath to be rapid and unevenly paced.

Audra tucked hair behind his left ear. Her fingers traced the outside of his ear resting on his earring. She lingered there rolling the hoop betwwen her thumb and forefinger. Her fingers left his earlobe and trailed down his strong jaw line to his goatee.

Mike opened his eyes. Audra had leaned in close. Her concentration showed on her face. Did she know her light touch caused intense vibrations through his body?

Her eyes searched his eyes. They were filled with emotion. She stroked the hair on his chin with the back of her fingers. "All this shocked me a little, at first." Her voice was gentle.

"But I like it. I really do."

Mike reached up and moved her hand to his lips. He kissed the back of her hand, then moved it to his cheek and held it there. "Thank you." His voice husky. His breathing erratic.

He slanted his body toward her. Kissing her hand wasn't enough. He wanted to feel the warmth of her body in his arms, the softness of her lips on his.

The blast of a car horn cause both of them to jump. Audra squeezed Mike's hand.

Rose Ross Zediker
Through the Eyes of Love-Coming soon from The Wild Rose Press!

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Kara Lynn Russell said...

I think it depends on how good the teaser is. This one works for me. I'll definitely be buying this book!