Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Release Day for "A Girl Named Christmas!"

Today is release day for Kimberlee R. Mendoza's "A Girl Named Christmas," available at the Wild Rose Press - Here's the blurb:

Christmas is dragging her feet to her fortieth birthday, dreading the realization that she will never marry. In a vain effort to feel better, she begins to reminisce about her youth.

The year is 1955 in Ashabula, Ohio. Chris and her siblings are attractive young women forbidden to date until they are adults. When the gardener’s son Elijah begins to pursue Chris, despite her stubborn heart, she falls hard. When her mother finds out, a tragedy occurs and Chris turns her back on the only man she would ever love.

Is it too late for her? Or is it possible that her romantic journey is just beginning?

On Friday - ALVARADO GOLD by Victoria Pitts-Caine and NICK AND NOELLE by Kara Lynn Russell will be released by the Wild Rose Press. Both books will be available as downloads. NICK AND NOELLE will also be available in print. ALVARADO GOLD will be released in print soon. Friday is the day that Kimberlee R. Mendoza's YA novel LOVE THY SISTER, GUARD THY MAN will be available in print.

We will be drawing the first names for our book giveaway, so make sure you check back here to see if you've won. If you haven't entered the contest yet, there's still time. Just leave us a comment listing three of your favorite blessings.


Georgiana said...

Congratulations on the release!

Victoria Pitts-Caine said...

Kimberlee -

What a great story. Congatulations.