Thursday, January 3, 2008


Hello Again!

Since this group was initially formed to promote White Rose books/authors, please allow me to tell you about my TWRP releases!

The Inheritance is my debut single-title novel (I have a series under contract/published through Com Star Media—but that’s another post LOL!)

Anyway, The Inheritance is about the chance we all long for…the chance to start over. Widowed at age thirty-nine and suffering from empty nest syndrome, Rebecca Sinclair is overshadowed by grief and loneliness. Her husband has been deceased for a year, her oldest child has moved to New York in pursuit of an acting career and her youngest child is attending college in France. Having spent over half of her life as a wife and mother, she has no idea what God has in store for her now. Will an unexpected inheritance in the wine country of New York bring meaning and purpose to her life and give her the courage to love again?

US Postal worker Raymond Jacobey has been in love with the little widow since he first set eyes on her. A wanderer searching for the ever-illusive soul mate, Ray has never stayed in one place too long. Raised by self-centered, high-power executives, he’s longed for the idyllic life of residing in a cozy house in a small town with the love of his life. Will he gain the heart of the lovely widow or will he lose her to the wine country of New York? Find out in: The Inheritance By Pamela S Thibodeaux

Excerpt from The Inheritance:

Rebecca hung up the phone as her throat tightened and tears pricked her eyes. Emptiness closed in on the familiar sense of joy and pride in her children. Now what? Her heart cried out to God. What’s next? Jim and I were always so excited about this time in our lives. Now that he’s gone too, what am I going to do?

She’d always looked forward to turning forty, now forty seemed so old, too old to start over and yet, too young to give up. Burying her face in the pillow, she let the tears flow.

“I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

Rebecca heard the words with rare clarity, as though Jesus were standing beside the bed. “That’s great, Lord. But are You really here? You aren’t standing by the bed where I can touch You. I can’t see your face or feel Your arms around me,” she muttered, burying her face in the pillow. “But, I won’t leave You and I won’t give up if You don’t leave me. No matter how hard it gets. That’s a promise,” she whispered.

Then she felt it: Peace. A soothing calmness washed over her as it had when Jim took her in his arms. Only this was different, deeper, and Rebecca knew the Lord was holding her.

Again the tears came, but this time they were tears of relief. “Thank you,” she whispered. “Oh, God, thank you.”

Burrowing deeper into the mattress, she drifted off to dream once more in the early morning hours. And dream she did. She was flying, not literally, but almost. She could feel the warm, fragrant air on her cheeks as the car made its way up the winding road. Lilacs bloomed; clusters of purple in shrubs so green it made her eyes hurt, and the smell. Oh. She took a deep breath and felt it clear down to her soul. The scents dark, rich and so full of flavor that she could almost taste it; grapes and flowers and....

“She left everything to you.”

The voice came out of nowhere, jerking Rebecca awake. She sat up, her heart thundering in her chest. She could still feel the warm air on her cheeks and smell the rich fragrances lingering in her mind. Running a shaky hand through her hair, she looked around. She was home, safe and sound in her bed. Relief poured through her. “Jesus, I must be losing my mind,” she muttered.

The Inheritance is available in Ebook & Print!

In my next post, I’ll give blurbs/excerpts of my short stories, Cathy’s Angel, Choices and A Hero for Jessica also from The Wild Rose Press!

Until later….take care, stay in touch, God Bless and remember….there are Angels among us and if you make the right Choices, God will set you apart for an Inheritance (and possibly even a Hero of your own!)

Pamela S Thibodeaux
“Inspirational with an Edge!”


Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

Perfect timing Kara, The Inheritance has been nominated for The Romance Studio's CAPA!

What a way to start the new year!

Kara Lynn Russell said...

Congratulations Pam!