Thursday, April 3, 2008

Booksigning for Web of Deceit

I'll be signing copies of
Web of Deceit
this weekend at our local writer's conference.
Saturday, April 5th

Other authors from across the country will be signing their books on Saturday afternoon, too.
Don't miss this event, which is open to the public!
Crowne Plaza San Marcos Golf Resort & Hotel
In the Santan Room
One San Marcos Place
Chandler, Arizona


“No. I don’t wanna get out! I wanna go home. I wanna go back to San Diego, where I belong!” Matthew clung to the headrest on the driver’s seat.

Backing out of the passenger side door, Faith Callahan stared at her six-year-old son, and ran a tired hand through her hair. She knew this transition wasn’t going to be easy, but she hadn’t expected to see the open hostility in her son’s eyes or the staunch defiance in his posture.

She lowered her head momentarily and prayed for strength as she fingered the small, gold cross on the delicate chain around her neck. God had never let her down before. He wouldn’t do so now, even if she hadn’t been as attentive these last few months as she should have been.

“Matthew, we can’t go back. There’s nothing left for us there. Now please get out of the car like the gentleman that you are. Grandma Helen’s not expecting us for another hour so I thought I’d show you around.”
Wilting under the heat of another sultry Central California day, she made a second attempt to extricate her son from the back seat of her silver Honda Accord. His arms slid from the headrest only to latch onto the door frame, his white knuckled fingers holding on with a Vulcan death grip.

One day, Faith supposed, she’d find the humor in the situation. Today though, the long drive, the rising temperature, and the weeks of stress and sleepless nights had done away with every ounce of patience she had left.

“Matthew Stephen Callahan, please get out of the car.”


Her son kicked when she reached in again. After his sneaker-encased foot connected with her left arm, Faith backed off. She looked around. Fortunately, the unseasonably warm temperatures had kept most of the locals inside, so no one witnessed the incident, or her inability to control her son.

“It looks boring here. I’ll bet they don’t even have cable. I wanna go back to San Diego.” The desperation and uncertainty in Matthew’s voice almost broke her heart, making her question her decision to return to her childhood home.

For a moment.

She’d asked God for a sign a few weeks ago. Then she found an old box of Steve’s things in the hall closet. Trophies and pictures of Steve, Faith, and their friend Adam, from high school were stored inside. It didn’t get any clearer than that. Days later, their condo went on the market, and Faith packed their bags and headed for home. Home. Peace settled across her shoulders as if an invisible weight disappeared. Faith had to believe the good Lord knew what he was doing. If only he would work a miracle for her son.

Have a great weekend!



Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

Great post, Kim!

Good luck and may God Bless you with LOTS of sales!!

Nicola said...

Have a great time, Kim. Sell lots of books! :)

Georgiana said...

Have a great signing! Wish I could be there =)