Monday, October 27, 2008

Sequels & A Funny Thing

It seems these days if you write one book, you inevitably will write a sequel. What is this desire authors have with sequels, trilogies or even huge sagas? Is it really reader demand that fuels this phenomenon or are we authors just not ready to say goodbye to our characters?

I’m just as guilty as the rest as I’ve a romantic suspense series of which I am in the middle of writing the third installment and having more fun with these characters than ever before. Now I’ve started work on a sequel to my Inspirational, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Your Wedding.

My motivations? Most often when I write a sequel it is because it has been requested. Readers and reviewers both have asked me to write a sequel to A Funny Thing. Just recently, a storyline came to me. The sequel starts two and a half years after the end of the first novel and it will focus on Alice Steele—the younger sister of the hero from A Funny Thing. Don’t worry Randy and Kari will show up too. Alice has now graduated from college and is ready to start her first reporting job even though her mother wants her to come home and find a husband. On her first assignment, she butts heads with Will Rand, a young reporter from a competing newspaper. And wouldn’t you know it—they find themselves competing over and over again. Little does she know that the greatest secrets to reveal come from Will himself.

Alice was a fun character to write in A Funny Thing. She became a sounding board for both my hero and heroine. She has a humorous sense of humorous and also a sensitive heart that is open and ready to listen, if not give advice.

Here is an excerpt of Alice with her brother, Randy, from A Funny Thing.

“Hey brother,” called Alice from the doorway. “You can’t waste away the night thinking about Kari.” She gave him one of her humorous grins.

Unfortunately, Randy was in no mood. He turned and looked at her with annoyance. “Does Mother need me to do…something? I need something to do.”

“What’s wrong with you, Randy? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this distracted. Didn’t your date with Kari go off well?”

“It went great; Kari was great.” He tried to maintain an easygoing expression, but irritability had slipped into his tone and he knew it. Alice walked in the room and reclined on his bed.

“Okay, now when are you going to tell me the truth,” she asked, her eyes sharply assessed his face.

Randy lay back on the bed next to her and took in a deep breath. “The date really did go well. We had a lot of fun together.”

“Did you kiss her?” she whispered in his ear.

Alice!” he answered with surprise.

“You did. I can see it in your eyes…You love her!” Alice exclaimed, as she sat up. “So, what happened? Don’t tell me she doesn’t care for you? I’ll never believe it.”

Randy sat up, too. “You sure know how to jump to conclusions.”

His sister flashed him a knowing smile. “Okay, you’re right,” he finally admitted. “I did kiss

her, and I…I do love her. But when it came down to it the other night, I panicked and fled like a coward.

She must hate me now.”

“Randy, if she really is the one for you then she won’t hate you. She’s probably just confused and possibly mortified. You better let me take over from here on out.”

“Thanks, Alice, but I can handle this. Actually, there is something you can help me with.”

If you haven't read A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Your Wedding, it is available at The Wild Rose Press. In e-book format, it is also at Fictionwise. Also available in print at Amazon & Barnes and Noble.

To read the entire 1st chapter visit my website.

My short Inspirational story, Relationship Rescue, was recently reviewed by author, Victoria Pitts-Caine. To read the review, please stop by her website.


Kara Lynn Russell said...

I have to admit that it's hard to say good-bye to characters after just one story. I'm having trouble saying good-bye to Orchard Hill after nine stories!

But I think readers enjoy sequels and series, too. Television entertainment is pretty much built on series.

Either way, I'm glad you're writing this sequel. I really enjoyed "A Funny Thing" and I'm sure Kari's story will be just as wonderful.

And I hope your third NovelTea story is going well. You know I'm waiting to read that one.


Judith Rochelle said...

Okay, Cindy, you sold me. Get busy writing while I'm reading to catch up!

Cindy K. Green said...

Thanks Kara. NT is coming along. :) You are right episodic tv is like sequels every week.

Judith thanks for coming by. I will get to writing. ;)

Donna Basinow said...

Sequels are great to read as well as to write. Everyone likes a story where they feel like they already know the characters a little...even if it's just cameo appearances by them.