Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Pageant-What a tradition

Annual Christmas Pageant

Our small town in Arizona has a unique tradition that is over 50 years
old now. We put on a Christmas Pageant each December. This pageant is
a live reanactment of Jesus' birth. Everyone is welcome to be a part
of it, and everyone is welcome to attend. We do it in the desert,
which our pastor believes is very similar to the place where Jesus was
born. High school students make up most of the cast, and local
ranchers bring in animals. Mary is usually riding a donkey into the
scene and the shepard boys are herding sheep and occasionally, the
goats start wandering into the audience looking for food. In past
years, the Three Wise Men showed up with camels in tow. The chorus is
made up of anyone who wants to share their voice. It really is an
inspiring, spiritaul and magical tradition not to be missed.

This pageant is very near and dear to my heart. When my son was an
infant, he played the baby Jesus. That weekend was amazing. For years,
the pageant coordinators had used a doll. On this year, a hush came
over the audience when they realized that Jesus was a real baby. I can
still remember the excitement and awe in a little girl's voice as she
announced it to the whole crowd. This year, he's old enough to be cast
as a shepard. And in a few years, my daughter will be able to be an

In it's entire history, the pageant has only been cancelled twice.
Once when my daughter was an infant so she couldn't have her chance as
Jesus, and last year because of torrential rain. Our wish is that God
keeps smiling down on us so that we may continue to this incredible
tradition for many years to come so that all can experience the
awesomeness of Jesus' birth.

So what kind of Christmas traditions do you have?

Kim Watters


amber polo said...

Hi Kim
Your post reminded me of a visit to England at Christmas. I went to a small town Christmas pageant to see what it was like. So funny and different than ours. Santa Claus and Disney characters shared the stage with Wise Men and the Holy Family. Very sweet.

Laurean Brooks said...

Kim, this is a beautiful Christmas tradition. I had never considered how more real-to-life a Christmas pageant would be, performed in desert surroundings. Thank you for sharing, and a Merry Christmas to you and yours. Blessings.