Saturday, January 24, 2009

Introducing Merry Stahel

Hi Ya’ll.

I’m Merry Stahel, a new bloom in the Garden of White Roses. My book, CHRISTMAS SANCTUARY, won’t be out until December 2009.

I began writing too many years ago to count – poetry, newsletters, articles for local publications, some short stories and even some unpublished songs. I self-published a few books with a co-author in the cozy mystery genre, but realized it wasn’t my forte. Back to the computer I went. And slowly, over time, as I studied my Bible and learned more and more, I realized that my talent was to write stories with hope, and a future. Stories where loss is a rocky path, but faith can make one whole again.

A sad event that happened when I was a child had a profound effect on me for the rest of my life. A child was lost. The plight of children, homeless, forgotten and alone made a huge impact. When I began writing more stories as an adult, many of my stories had a child in them, sometimes caught between the cross-hairs of larger events. I never really noticed until a friend pointed it out! Many of my stories touch on the plight of children everywhere – the inarticulate precious ones who have no voice, no advocate of their own.

IN CHRISTMAS SANCTUARY, a young woman does something terribly wrong, hoping to make things right. And caught between the old sin and the new sin, is a child whose life hangs in the balance. I hope when it comes out, that my readers will laugh, cry and feel peace with the unique solution.

In my real life, I am the happy wife of a retired military man and the mother of two of the best daughters a Mom could have. We also have two dogs who are my joyful companions and a cat who adores my husband for rescuing her. We built a house last year in the wilds of the Midwest. Yes, we live in the forest and are 32 miles from the nearest town with a population over 1000. A yard full of birds, squirrels and the occasional shy doe with fawn are daily visitors. I enjoy reading, quilting, writing, traveling and archeaology.

My life verse: "Now, faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen." Hebrews 11:1


Laurean Brooks said...

It's strange that you say the common thread in each of your stories is a child. It made me think. The common thread in mine (I've only published one, but have two works-in-progress) is forgiveness. Or rather the struggle with forgiveness. My first release just now in e-book is entitled "Journey To Forgiveness". Isn't that odd? I wonder if the thread will ever change.

I love the description of where you live. Sounds so peaceful. I live 13 miles from the nearest 3,000 population town, (Rural Tennessee) so I can relate somewhat. Some days I wish I were even more isolated. LOL.

Do you have your songs ready for church tomorrow? Sorry I couldn't help on that last one.

Good luck with your upcoming release. And welcome to the White Roses in Bloom blog.

Merry said...

LOL I'm singing with our quartet tomorrow, all songs I know! I got to practice and the pianist asked if I'd help with the special NEXT Sunday, and of course, its a song I don't know - THERE IS A RIVER. YouTube, here I come! LOL

Kara Lynn Russell said...

I'm guessing we could all find a common thread as you did. I think mine might be community/family. I feel like exploring the relationships between the characters is as important as getting to know the characters themselves.

I'm looking forward to your Christmas book later this year. I love holiday stories.


Laurean Brooks said...


I know "There Is A River." Jimmy Swaggert was the one who made it famous. He may have written it.

A guy at our church sings it occasionally with a soundtrack. It was popular a couple decades, maybe three, ago. Beautiful song. One of my favorites.
Make it ring, girlfriend!

Nicola said...

Sounds as if you live in a great writing environment. That's so cool!