Friday, January 16, 2009

Meet Carol Ann Erhardt

Hi ya'all,

I'm Carol Ann Erhardt, new to this blog, and very honored to be allowed to introduce myself. So here goes:

I am a wife to my soulmate, after surviving an abusive marriage.
I am a mother to my four children, and four step children.
I am a proud grandma.
I am a full time Executive Assistant.
I am a caregiver to fourteen feral cats.
I am owned by three cats named Charlotte, Wilbur, and Templeton.
I am a woman who loves God, ice cream, chocolate, people, animals, sunshine, snow, and good books.
I am a woman who is afraid of heights, spiders (eeek), and the dark.
I am a child who worries about her elderly mother, and misses her deceased father.
I am Carol Ann Erhardt, an inspirational romance novelist.

That's pretty much me in a nutshell. I began my career writing for Chicken Soup for the Soul and Cup of Comfort. My first two full-length published novels were romantic suspense, but not inspirational. After my second release, I just felt pulled to share my love of God in my writing. I did a lot of praying and the idea for Joshua's Hope began to emerge. Writing this book was a lot of fun and very rewardng. After the release of my first inspirational romantic suspense in August 2008, I knew I'd found my niche. Joshua's Hope has been nominated for an Eppie award (winners to be announced in March 2009) and for a CAPA award (winners to be announced on February 14, 2009). I feel God has richly blessed me.

I'll be popping back in here from time to stayed tuned! Thanks for taking time to learn more about me.

Carol Ann Erhardt


Kara Lynn Russell said...

Carol Ann,
What a beautiful introduction. Gets right to the heart of who you are. Best wishes for success on your award nominations.

Julie Robinson said...

Hi Carol Ann. I heard from Cindy G. that you were blogging here, so I came over. I have one question regarding historical research: What do you do specifically to not lose yourself in the research so that you actually write? Do you allow a certain number of days? Or do you just write until you find you need to do research? Set a timer? Thanks for your suggestions on this.

Nicola said...

Good to get to know you a little better...and I'm with you on the sp*ders (see, I can't even look at the word LOL)

Sharon Donovan said...

Awesome introduction, Carol Ann! I look forward to getting to know you. Good luck in the upcoming awards. As a cat lover, I hear ya! They have a way of leaving pawprints on our hearts!

Jen Childers said...

a beautiful woman in the full blossom on femininity!
It's so silly when women have to act like they are embarrassed when they are no longer thirty.
heck, brag on it!
We are finally old enough to be confident in who we are and happy to be ourselves.
Your husband is lucky to have you.