Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy Spring

Well, it's almost spring. It's only 26 degrees in northeast Ohio, but it's not snowing and for that we are thankful! Daffodil shoots and hyacinth leaves are popping through the soil and that's a sure sign spring is coming.

Blooming flowers and budding trees (and melting snow) make spring my favorite season so that's where my Crystal Falls Series begins. A flower theme starts with Lilacs for Laura and carries into the sequel, Roses for Rachel. Both take place in the heartland of America, a fictional small town in Ohio. These romantic mysteries convey a strong theme of love flourishing with trust. Readers discover that God loves unconditionally and will forgive any mistake if we only trust in Him.

Here's an enticement from the Crystal Falls Series:

Lilacs for Laura:

Laura James loves working in her family’s flower shop, but has to ward off advances from her brother-in-law. She distrusts men but cannot deny her attraction when she stumbles into Brett Mitchell. Drawn to one another despite their conflicting goals, Laura longs for a secure future in her Ohio hometown, while Brett yearns for adventure and an escape from his abusive father. When he lands a NASCAR job in North Carolina, Laura fears she will never see him again. Devastated, she withdraws just when she needs help most. Her brother-in-law is murdered and all evidence points to Laura. Brett knows members of her family, as well as the town gossip share motive and opportunity. Will he return to help clear her? Who will reveal the killer in a shocking twist? And will Laura ever find security in love?

Roses for Rachel:

Young widow Rachel Santos raises her daughters alone and tries to get past the pain of losing her husband. When she dumps her cheating boyfriend, someone vandalizes her house. Rachel confides in faithful Elliot Truman, but refuses to trust her heart to another man. Then the stalker breaks into her home, and Rachel fears for the safety of her daughters and herself. Will Elliot help protect her children? Who can stop this demented stalker? And will Rachel ever be convinced that some men are worth loving?

Sharing God's love is what White Rose books are all about. I hope you'll read the stories and invite your friends and family to enjoy them too.

Have a great day and Happy Spring!

:) Dianne


Rose said...


You have very enticing blurbs and beautiful covers.


Kara Lynn Russell said...

I love small town romance and the mysteries add a unique twist. When is the third book coming out?

Alex Moore said...

great site -- beautiful ideas and vision. it's been fun browsing through!

Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

I'm ready for spring too!