Thursday, March 5, 2009

One Word

This year I decided to set my writing goals by choosing one word that I wanted my writing to reflect for 2009. The word I chose was PROGRESS. From January 1st to December 31st, I want to see PROGRESS. That may mean three romance rough drafts, a completed novella, agent interest, a publishing contract or a deeper understanding of plot, characterization or pace.

How do I not lose the original momentum on my quest for progress this year? Each week on my blog, I chose a word that best describes my writing progress for that week. For me that keeps me honest and forward moving. I don't want to publically admit that my writing isn't a priority in my life with words like lazy, ignore, blocked so I make sure I do something each week.

So far this one word system has worked for me. I've completed a rough draft of a romance novella, wrote, polished, submitted a short romance story, caught up on marketing and sending work for hire packets for my children's writing, researched agents websites and garnered my first acceptance for the year (an article on retelling Bible stories).

What one word would describe what you'd like to accomplish with your writing this year? Will you share it?


PS I think PROGRESS also describes our new publishing company-White Rose!


Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

Wonderful post, Rose!

I like that - Progress.

I think it describes my goals too.

Keep up the good work.


Rose said...

Thanks Pam!

As writer's I think we need to figure out the direction we want to go and then strive to get there.

Glad to hear everythings going better for your hubby!


Sharon Donovan said...

Hi Rose, Great words to live by. I think in a word I would say...success!

Rose said...


Success is a great 'one' word!


Ashley Ludwig said...

Rose - progress is a wonderful word! If you're searching for others, I recommend picking up a Flip Dictionary!

My goal this year is much the same. Progress! If we aren't writing, we're burying our talents in the basement. So, good work! let's lean on and support one another. I pray for your progress, and success... even if it's just a few words a day.

A blog here, a contact there. That equals success at the end of every day!

Thanks for the post!

Rose said...

Thanks, Ashley!

I wish you much success on your PROGRESS this year too!