Monday, April 20, 2009

How Our First Reader Graced Us

Our new cover from gifted cover artist, Nicola Martinez.
Isn't it stunning?

Last summer we anticipated the release of our first White Rose book - our first published book ever.  Imagine our excitement, joy and, yes, anxiety about the next step after publishing.  Will we reach Readers?  If they take the chance on unknown authors will they enjoy our voice, be touched by our faith inspired messages and happily travel our story's journey?

A few days after the magical release date of JEWEL OF THE ADRIATIC, my (Pat) husband, Nick, borrowed by car to drive to weekday Mass. [Important note: my license plate reads: KM DAUTR - the vanity plate a gift from Nick after we completed our first manuscript.]  After Mass a woman approached Nick and questioned him, reportedly incredulous, "Are you K.M. Daughters?"

Nick explained that his wife and sister-in-law (Kathie) write under the penname and the woman further inquired how she might purchase our new book.  Turns out the lady, Rosemary Kaenel, is a Wild Rose Press author (Last Rose of Summer, Rosette, It's Called Love) and her interest struck me as heaven sent.

Our book features Marian apparitions and the rose is associated with visions of the mother of God, her favorite flower - a pivotal reason why we submitted to The Wild ROSE Press after we completed the manuscript.  A woman named "Rose" "Mary" wanted to buy this book?  I couldn't deliver it to her fast enough.

An instant connection occurred with Rosemary.  She's a lovely person - interesting, interested, engaging, gracious, funny, quietly - deeply religious.  Amazing, she has sung the Lord's praises in our church choir for seventy years!  I produced the autographed book for her, our first sale, our first official Reader!  When she had finished reading it she took the time to send an email to tell us she loved it and why.  Such a precious gift.

But there's more!  A few months later I received another email from her advising me to call a local bookstore right away.  She had just visited the store and convinced the owner to host a signing for K.M. Daughters.  We made the arrangements and on a bitter cold January day (in the Chicago environs cold is bitter cold) we sold enough copies that the store wants us back to sign ROSE OF THE ADRIATIC! 

Rosemary attended the signing affording us the chance to hug her for her lovely good deed.  Our fellow White Roses are attuned to the angels among us.  How nice to have the chance to single one out and share her with you.

I did seize the opportunity to return the small favor of purchasing her Rosette and sent her an email to tell her why I loved it.  She told me she's eagerly awaiting the July 31, 2009 release of our sequel (ROSE OF THE ADRIATIC). We found a Reader, or should I say, she found us - and we gained a dear friend.


Kara Lynn Russell said...

Pat and Kathie,
I love this story! I also submitted to the Wild Rose Press because of an association with roses. My husband, his father, and grandfather all grew (grow) roses. His grandfather had a collection of his sermons published under the title "Roses and People." Of course, if I hadn't liked the books from TWRP I wouldn't have submitted there. But since I was very impressed with what I read and it had the rose association, I figured it was meant to be.

Ashley Ludwig said...

What a great story! :) I just wanted to congratulate you. I know this release is a long time coming.

As an aside, I'm getting ready to start organizing book signings of my own -- so I'll be sure and keep my eyes open for the signs God posts along the way! I'm trying to speak up whenever anyone asks, to make sure I tell them how to find my books... It's getting easier with practice!

Kara Lynn, that's very sweet, as well. What a wonderful association! and a great group of writers.

((hugs to all of you!))


Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

Such a lovely story and you're right, Rosemary was heaven sent - God bless you all!


Nicola said...

Great story! The way God works is so amazing to me sometimes--in a good way. :) What wonderful blessings.

K.M. Daughters said...

Thank you all for you sweet comments. BTW Rosemary might just submit her novel to White Rose Publishing after reading the blog. Perhaps a little inspirational nudge. Blessings to all.