Friday, April 3, 2009

Precious Children

I just experienced the joy of becomming a grandparent. One of my daughters gave birth to precious baby boy born on March 4th. As I looked into his little face, I thought of how beloved he was to us even before he was born. And I thought of how we, as imperfect parents and grandparents let phyical fatigue, moods and temperaments affect the way we deal with those we love the most.
God, as the perfect parent, loves with perfect love. He is patient and never tiring. And he has good plans for our lives. However, just as children must learn to trust their parents even when they don't understand the "why" behind some decisions, we are called to trust God. This isn't always easy when life is tough. However, the rewards are eternal.
With this in mind, I wrote my novel, LOVE NEVER LIES. Trusting in God as well as others is not always easy. Hurts from the past often get in the way. In this story, my heroine, Julie, had trust issues from a previous romance. Therefore, when she met the new church counselor, romance was the last thing on her mind. Yet, something about him captivated her. He was gentle and fun loving, patient, and had a good sense of humor. And, he was a widower with a young daughter who tugged at Julie’s maternal instincts. He seemed to be a good father and a devoted believer. In spite of herself, Julie was falling in love. She never imagined that a crisis would arise and that all the traits she loved might drive a wedge between them. Could he be trusted or would he break her heart?


Kara Lynn Russell said...

Congratulations on that grandbaby! I'm so excited for you!

Your book sounds good - another addition to the TBR pile - but I can't help thinking that babies grow up when you aren't looking and books will sit on the shelf and wait for you. Enjoy this time!

Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

Beautiful post!

There's nothing like being a grandmother and seeing things through a child's eyes, things we miss in our own children because we are so busy trying to raise them to be mature, responsible adults.