Monday, June 29, 2009

Making Time to Write

Hello Friends!

Seems like when you're an aspiring author you manage to squeeze writing into every spare minute of your day. But once you become published and have to add editing and promoting to your duties, finding time to write is a little more difficult.

Therefore, on or about May 25th I made an announcement to my friends/groups that I would be spending less time online in the mornings in order to be more disciplined in writing.

My goals: work on developing my WIP into a full length novel; write (and hopefully complete) a story for WRP’s ‘Hearts Crossing’ contest (20-25K words).

I spent most of Memorial Day weekend writing & scheduling as many of my blog posts as possible for the entire month of June.

Today I’d like to share with you my writing accomplishments for the month…..

#1: Updated Bryanna’s Journal and started one for Karson (two of my grandchildren)

#2: Helped fellow author with edits for 2 books (1 long, 1 short)

#3: Wrote and posted seven reviews for WRP books I’d read.

#4: Wrote and submitted devotional poem to Penned from the Heart (accepted yay!!!)

#5 Edited and submitted article for July issue of Christian Star Newspaper

#6 Created and sent web changes to webmistress

#7 Wrote nearly 5,000 words on my contest entry - which puts me right on target if I want 20,000 words by deadline of Sept. 30th.

#8 Placed 4 articles at Helium

#9 Wrote this blog post.

#10 Wrote and submitted 1 interview for the WRP blog – I’ll let you know when it’s up!

#11 Submitted 14 devotional poems to Church Mouse Publications (more on that later)

#12 Wrote/Submitted essay for Cup of Comfort for Couples

This may not seem like much to many, but for someone who hasn’t written anything new in a year, it’s been exhilirating!

This is the time when most people evaluate the goals they set in January and revise/rewrite/recommitt to them. My 2009 goals were to write a new novel and/or at least one short story this year as well as keeping up with promotion, etc. If things keep going the way they did this month, I’ll be darn close to accomplishing both of those.....if I can just get away from those networking sites LOL!

Have you checked your progress lately on meeting your 2009 goals?

I’d love to hear your comments!


PS: On this same note, check out the July issue of Christian Fiction Online Magazine for how I manage to find time to write in the Author by Night column.


Rose said...

Hi Pam,

Great post!

I'll officially check my semi annual goals on Wednesday when I set my goals for the month of July. But I can tell you that I've completed one goal and that was a non-fiction book proposal for children. I will be mailing it today.

AND I have a novel written that just needs more revision but my plan is to have it to an agent or publisher by the end of September.

Thanks for the reminder.


Sharon Donovan said...

Pam, all I can say is WOW! Girl, we should all accomplish half of what you have done. Amazing! And thank you for your wonderful reviews of Touched by an Angel and Lasting Love. I appreciate them! For me, like New Year's resolutions, I don't make promises I know I can't always keep. I think the most important thing, at least for me, is setting realistic goals I feel confident I can keep. As you know, every day happenings as family and such get in the way of the best plans. And what works for me is checking and answering emails, checking loops and commenting only when I feel I have something beneficial to add. This is all after my morning java, but of course! Then I write, edit and prepare for blogs and interviews, etc. I am proud to say after an emotional roller coaster of three years, I have completed my memoir. Echo of a Raven will be available through Lulu in a few days, a self-help memoir about diabetic retinopathy and visual loss. I have also sold a story to Chicken Soup for the Soul, June issue of Tough Times, Tough People. My current suspense is being edited and I am working on a story for WRP even as we speak. And when it gets done, so be it. As a famous author once said through her rather sassy character, "Tomorrow's another day!"

Sharon Donovan
Romantic Suspense with a Twist of Faith

ashleyludwig said...


great idea about the goal revision! I need to also step back from so much marketing!

I'm trying to schedule my online time in advance. At least 2 guest blogs a month. One chat a month. One book signing a month. That, in and of itself, is quite busy along with working and being a wife & mother!

I keep being reminded that All or Nothing is not the only egg God put in my basket!

I'm back to work on my WIP - and with any luck will be done with it by the end of August, edits by October.

I have to keep adjusting that deadline to coincide with reality - but I am making progress none the less! thanks for your gentle reminders and enduring support!


Robin Shope said...

you inspire me! I need to do the same. Bravo!

Robin Shope said...

and reading thru the comments..I know what you mean about marketing...its so time consuming. Its a necessary product when you want people to buy your book, but it takes up all my writing time when I also work.

Marianne Evans said...

Pam, congratulations on enormous success in not just 'sticking' to your goals, but embracing them. That's the only way to succeed. Let it come from the heart. God directed you to where He wanted you to focus your energies and talents - and this is the "season" for your writing to bloom. Go get 'em!! :-)

Laurean Brooks said...


As you've seen from my posts, the time issue has frustrated me too. And I haven't completely conquered it. Any interference throws me off course. If only I had a cabin up in the mountains, away from everyone and everything but nature.

But that would be selfish. To alienate myself from those who mean the most to me.

I've also cut my time on the loops. I'd been online as much as 12 hours some day. Entirely too much! So you may have noticed that my name doesn't pop up as much. I hate to miss out on the wonderful discussions, but ladies, I just can't find the time to do it all. Which also frusrates me.

Since the end of March I've had eight book sigings, done quite a bit of twittering and blogging, and revised a partial.

Sometimes it's harder to change a story than to start from scratch. I've found this with Journey To Forgiveness and with my current WIP. With JTF, add-ins were required since my h/h didn't meet often enough. I wrote in 9 more interaction scenes. The best parts on the book, if I do say so myself. "blush."

With my current, the changes were necessary because my heroine came off too strong-willed. I had no idea what was wrong with the story until I let my sister read it. She easily caught the problem of the character's personality. Funny how hard it is for the author to distance herself from her writing. Sometimes takes another's POV.

Needless to say, with all the changes with this WIP, my progress is slow. But, on a positive note, I am finally able to get a grip on my characters' personalities--what makes them tick or sets them off.

I would like to ask that you pray for my peace of mind. I can't concentrate on writing for guilt over things I should be doing around the house, and the guilt over turning down my hubby when he asks me to go somewhere with him.

Sounds, like this is working for you, Pam. Oh, that I could conquer that old demon, "The Time Thief."

Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

Hey Ladies!

Glad you enjoyed the post. My accomplishments probably pale in comparison to some and balance is the key - although, like a budget, a schedule looks SO GOOD on paper LOL!

Good luck Rose on your projects!

Sharon, I'm sure your book will do well and will minister to many. I may consider Lulu for my NF projects too.

Life has a way of getting in the way that's for sure, Ashley and readjusting or staying flexible is the key to maintaing your sanity and avoiding burnout.

Robin, set aside certain days to promote and certain days to write -or 1 hr a day to promote - but SET ASIDE writing time otherwise, you'll stay wrapped up in everything but THE most important thing - writing.

Thanks Marianne - I'm just hoping to repeat a certain degree of success next month - I'll admit to being sidetracked with the journals and other writing/submissions but hey, sometimes things just pop up and I gotta try them LOL!

Laurie, make a date night with your hubby each week or twice a month or something lke that, the time you spend together will refresh more than your marriage:-) Try multi-tasking too...write between loads of laundry, edit while cooking supper, there's always a solution. Getting away from the computer is good for you so break tasks down into 10 - 30 minutes and you'll return to the keyboard refreshed.

Happy Writing Friends!

JoAnn said...


You were able to get a ton accomplished. Thanks for reminding us how important goal setting is!