Friday, August 7, 2009

Enduring the Storm

Today is the release day for It Happened One Hurricane, a short inspirational story I wrote last fall during the five days I was without electricity following Hurricane Ike. This got me thinking about storms. Not the natural ones like Ike and Katrina, but the “life storms” some of you may be enduring at this very moment. Perhaps a relationship has died, or someone is sick. Maybe someone has failed to meet your expectations and let you down in a way you could never have imagined. Or maybe this recession is finally getting the best of you. Please let me remind you of a couple facts:

First: God has not forgotten you. It is often hard to find God or even pray when certain storms have swept us into deep waters. Never fear. God has a plan, God has peace to impart regarding the situation, and God always has the answer. So hang on. What’s that old saying? God may not come exactly when you call, but He’s always right on time. Count on it.

Second: You are not alone. Yes, I know you feel alone. Yes, I know you don’t know how you’ll ever feel right again. Yes, I know you’ve been forsaken by earthly people with limited earthly abilities. I know your heart is broken. Refer to my first point above.

The challenge: Though in the midst of your storm, take two minutes as often as you can to lift your arms above the raging water and say “Thank you, God, for calming the storm” and believe He is doing it. It really helps!

More on It Happened One Hurricane:
Here’s the blurb:
When Pittsburgh native Amber Kensington moved to the Texas Gulf coast to take a job, hurricane season was the last thing on her mind. That is until a massive storm named Ike appears destined to make a direct hit just miles from her apartment. Evacuation is the answer, but what happens when your car won’t cooperate?

Alex Clarke has seen his share of tropical weather, but it never gets any easier. A childhood experience with lightning has left him fearful of storms. Still, his greatest desire is to participate in his church’s outreach program and assist hurricane victims. Now he’s discovered his new neighbor is stranded. Can he convince her to go with him? And can Amber and Alex find God’s comfort and healing despite the raging storm?

Pop over to my blog and leave a comment for a chance to win a free copy of It Happened One Hurricane. Winners announced Sunday evening the 9th!


Cami Checketts said...

Sounds like a great story. Thanks for sharing,

Terresa said...

Great thoughts here, recognizing God, even in the middle of our life storms. Thanks for the reminder and the story looks good!

JoAnn said...

I loved how you shared about how God used something like IKE to inspire you to write this story.

I'm looking forward to reading it!