Sunday, January 31, 2010

Valentine Reads at White Rose Publishing

One of the best things about Valentine's Day is reading Valentine romances. And I think I have done my share in contributing to White Rose Publishing's offerings for this holiday. Orchard Hill Romance #2, Entertaining Angel, is a Valentine's story. Here's the blurb:

Artist Angel Marcell is on her own for the first time in her life. If only her brother would stop treating her like a child! He’s asked one of his college friends to watch over her while she’s in Orchard Hill visiting cousin Misty Green. Jeff Bradley is working day and night to make his real estate business a success. He doesn’t have time to entertain his friend’s little sister – no matter how cute she is when she blushes. Besides when she’s around, his life turns into chaos and he starts longing for things that aren’t compatible with his business plan. When Angel stands in for a Valentine’s Day date, will he change his mind about what he wants?

I have a funny story about this story. Last year I read another White Rose release called The Valentine Edition and got quite a surprise. It's by Robin Shope and a great read!

Both Robin's story and mine are set in a small Wisconsin town and feature petite, redheaded heroines who are new in town. Both heroines are involved in an accident that results in an injured stray dog. Both vets are tall, handsome men. Of course, both heroines adopted the poor dogs. Robin's heroine named hers Cupid and my heroine named hers...Cherub. Not quite the same.

I was a bit worried by this time but the plots diverged from there and developed very differently. My vet may have been tall and handsome, but he wasn't the hero. Robin's vet ended up with the girl - and the dog. But don't feel too bad for my poor vet. He got his own story and his own girl in Considering Lily.

I guess that's a case of great minds thinking alike. (Humor me, okay.)

I also have a free Valentine's read on my website. It's sort of a mini-sequel to Saving Gracie. I promise I'll write something that's not set in Orchard Hill someday. But for now there may possibly be one more Orchard Hill Valentine's story on the way. Stay tuned.

I was surprised to find those were the only Valentine stories I found in the White Rose catalog. If I missed some, someone please correct me. I hope there are more coming this year. Writers, I challenge you to add your own Valentine story to the White Rose catalog - or even a free read to your website. Readers, what do you want to see in a Valentine story?


Robin Bayne said...

There's nothing more romantic than a V-Day romance : )

Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

My story Choices is a Valentine story - sort of - the hero is a musician and ends his "home is where the heart is tour" on Valentines Day.

Silvia said...

Sharm lKto zvolil túto vládu? Väčšina tohto ľudu.
A napriek tomu sa táto vláda, ako aj predošlá správa k ľudu akokeby bol jej nepriateľom. A žiada od ľudu, aby uzákonil osobne svoj súhlas (a jeho podrobenie sa) tomuto nepriateľstvu. Vláda žiada obäte od ľudu. Nežiada obäte od bánk. Prečo?
Vláda zdaňuje pracujúcich a penzistov, nezdaňuje cirkev. Prečo? Vláda presadzuje zníženie platov o 10 percent pri nízkych platoch a o 20-30 percent pri vysokých platoch. V tom istom čase pokračuje v plytvaní peniazmi pre «nevládne organizácie» a pre tisícky výborov, ktoré sú všadeprítomne (a spiace) a pre drahoplatených novinárov, posluhovateľov.
Inými slovami, táto vláda a jej zamestnávateľ Stiglitz žiadajú obäte od ľudu aby ho potom obätovala bankám.
Či v tejto krajine napokon socialistami sú podniky a banky, keďže si tak dobre rozumejú s vládοu?

Útržky z článku gréckeho satirika S.,
(V gréčtne to zneje oveľa jadrnejšie a tak nepokračujem v prekladaní.)


Silvia said...

LOve tales!!!