Sunday, August 22, 2010

Authors are often asked about what they read and which writers have influenced them. But the truth is that inspiration is all around us and there are many influences upon our writing and our life.

As most of you know, I write the Orchard Hill romance series. All of the stories take place in a small town and many of the characters show up again in the series. I love that I don't have to say 'goodbye' to these characters after I finish their stories.

Recently I spent a relaxing evening watching TV. It was a rare occasion when everyone in my family was busy and the remote was up for grabs. And of all the things I could have watched on the many, many channels we get, I chose sitcom reruns.

I admit it. I love situation comedies - Full House, Family Matters, The Nanny, Everybody Loves Raymond, etc. Now, in the hey day of reality TV,  brutally realistic crime shows and movies on demand, I still want to watch these cozy, corny stories where all problems can be solved in half an hour. I enjoy getting to know the characters and how they relate to each other and watching them go from difficulty to difficulty, secure in the knowledge that it will all end in a group hug.

While these shows may be silly and at times even unrealistic, I do get something wonderful from them. I come away with the affirmation of the importance of family, friendship and community. These are values that I hold dear and try to build into every Orchard Hill story.

Does anyone else find inspiration in televisions shows? Please leave a comment and tell me which show or type of show and how it influenced you.



Carol Ann said...

I love the older sitcoms! I'm always tuning to a station that shows them. One of my favorites is Who's the Boss. The attraction between Tony and Angela in the earlier episodes had me aching for more. That's the kind of stories I like to write. Another fav of mine has never been rerun. Mad About You with Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser.

Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

Hey Kara,

Can't think of TV shows that have inspired me but songs really do - so much that one time I wrote an analogy between the love of God/the Christian life to the song The Rose (some say love is like a river and it drowns the tender reed - sung by Conway Twitty & Bette Midler)

Great post!

Kara Lynn Russell said...

I was just watching Who's the Boss yesterday! I love that show, too. They were running it on the Hallmark channel. That show and The Nanny are the only two sitcoms I could think of that were specifically set up to focus on romance. Can you think of any more?

I think songs are very inspiring, too. Lots of writers find inspiration in movies, too but not so much for me. We're all different so I guess we find inspiration in different places.