Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Husband Blooms

Bloom where you are planted is a cliché.

Anyone who hears the phrase gets a specific mental picture. I think of shining in your environment by being a beautiful blossom. The idea of an individual as a brilliant flower draws others to what is inside you as a person.

Others may think of standing out in your neighborhood, or doing an exemplary job in the workplace. As a believer, it’s the light of Christ that unfolds when talents are used in the body of believers.

I’ve seen that bloom unfold recently in the life of my husband. In September, Bill had a heart treatment called cardioversion, to shock the atrial fibrillation of his heart into an even rhythm. One electrical jolt set him into rhythm, but his pulse was only in the thirties. After several hours of the low heart beat, a surgeon came in and talked to us about pacemaker implantation. That took place October 25th. After we got home the next day, Dear Hubby said, “I feel like I’ve been kicked by a donkey.”

We went to the emergency room in the wee hours of November 7th because Bill had a multitude of symptoms. After seven heart tests with no conclusive results, we came home late the next afternoon.

Forty-eight hours at home, and Bill still didn’t feel well. The next day, the 11th, we were back in the surgeon’s office because of blood clots, and Bill was admitted into the hospital. The following week, he received injections in his stomach twice a day. I counted 26 jabs.

We couldn’t take a deep breath yet. Due to a high INR on December 1st, his anticoagulant dose was adjusted. Sunday the 5th, he woke up with swelling. We had the roughest 30 hours in the hospital yet.

Talk about blooming where you are planted, Bill was in full-blown blossom. During his hospitalizations, visits to the doctors, and to the infusion center for the shots, he did the Lord proud. Every chance he got, he smiled. He uplifted those treating him with optimism, and encouragement when they couldn’t get needles in. He gave all the credit to God whenever comments about his attitude were made.

I can’t help but think that prayers of the Saints had a hand in this scenario. We know we’ve been wrapped in a blanket of prayer. I felt as though I walked on a pillow of peace during what others may have called really dark days.

Prayer empowers believers to bloom where they are planted.

Bill could have these clots for as long as six months. That’s one month down, and five to go. As long as he keeps his focus on the One Who grants eternal life, I can’t help but think my dearest husband will continue to bloom, anywhere and everywhere.

Only God knows why we go through various trials. The purpose could very well be for someone whose life Bill’s experience has touched. And I am so thankful to be married to this beautiful blossom.

LoRee Peery


Cecelia Dowdy said...

What a touching story. Thanks for sharing.

LoRee Peery said...

Thanks for your comment, Cecelia. We were touched by the peace and comfort of our Lord.

Marianne Evans said...

LoRee, your post brought tears to my eyes. Your DH is such a trooper, and such a reflection of accepting the steadfast support of The Savior's hand during a walk through fire. May God bless you abundantly, and bring him to full health and vitality - and never, ever undestimate your influence as his support system, either. Without you at his side, I'm sure it would be incredibly difficult! God put YOU there for a reason, too! :-) Blessings ~ Marianne

LoRee Peery said...

Marianne, it must be a day for weepy eyes, because your words touched me. Blessings back at you, dear heart.