Friday, September 21, 2007

From Summer into Autumn

Now is a great time to have one last summer fling - book-wise that is. My novel UNTIL SUMMER ENDS will be released in print on September 28. It is of course, available in ebook format now. Here's an exclusive excerpt just for our blog readers:

Kathy and Greg have a deal - they'll have a fun summer of dating and remain "just friends." But their hearts aren't willing to go along with that.

“Greg, is something bothering you?”
A guilty look flashed across his face. “I’m sorry I’m not being very attentive Kathy, but something is bothering me. I’m trying to think how to talk to you about it.”
Alarm tingled through Kathy. “Don’t beat around the bush; just say it.”
“Okay. Well, for starters, how come you’re not angry with me?”
Kathy’s eyes widened in surprise. “What?”
“I mean about Saturday night. I didn’t treat you very nicely after the incident with Brad.”
Kathy had forgotten everything but the kiss. “I guess not, but....when we said goodnight, everything seemed to be fine.”
Greg rubbed his forehead. “No, it wasn’t, Kathy. I kissed you.”
“I know. I enjoyed it.”
He reached across the table and picked up her hand. She could tell he was lining up his words carefully, as usual. “I kissed you for the wrong reasons.”
Kathy wrinkled her brow. “What do you mean?”
“I kissed you because I was angry that I wasn’t able to protect you from Brad. I didn’t like the idea of you two getting back together again. In short, I was jealous.”
Shock and hurt flashed across Kathy’s face and Greg hurried to continue. “I spent a lot of time thinking about this Saturday night and Sunday. Kathy, I care for you very much. I would really like to kiss you again, and to show you real love, the way God intended it to be. Not to manhandle you to mollify a petty tantrum.”
Kathy smiled tremulously. “You would?”
Taking a deep breath, Greg went on. “But, I also realized that I’m not ready for that yet. You’re the first person I’ve dated since Sharon died, and I don’t want to rush into a serious relationship. Plus it wouldn’t be fair to expect you to step into my life right now as it is. I have two kids, I’m heading into a new job in a new community, and I have a mother-in-law that’s not entirely stable, emotionally speaking.”
To say that she was devastated was an understatement. Kathy struggled to take in all that Greg was saying. Obviously the kiss had been very different than she’d perceived. That made her feel a little stupid. One thing was clear however, and that was that their “just friends” clause would still be in effect.


Diane Craver said...

I enjoyed your excerpt. Thank you.

Cindy K. Green said...

This is such a lovely book!