Monday, September 17, 2007

Meet Victoria Pitts-Caine

Hi – I’m Victoria Pitts-Caine.

Have you ever been sitting in church and felt the Lord was trying to tell you to do something? That’s exactly how I felt the night our praise band sang Turn, Turn, Turn. The song is based on Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, which is the passage I’ve used throughout my Christian Romance Adventure novel, ALVARADO GOLD. I felt it was my time.

As a Christian, I’ve learned to believe in signs. I’m sure we can all remember some point in our lives when we knew we were being led by some indiscernible knowledge. That little nudge or the sudden answer to our prayers comes from God’s own hand.

I believe that’s how I found Wild Rose Press and a home for my novel. I sent the manuscript out multiple times to both agents and publishing houses and with standard rejection letters or three pages of email comments, it was always returned.

Then, one Sunday I began searching the internet and over and over, I saw the mention of The Wild Rose Press. The query letter was sent, the first three chapters were asked for and then the full manuscript. I don’t think I fully exhaled for days. Then it was there, in my inbox – the offer of a contract.

I did not take that step blindly but I’m so grateful I did. Here I am. Alvarado Gold is soon to be released and now and then I’ll blog with an excerpt.

Until then, blessings,



Kara Lynn Russell said...

Vicki, I know just what you mean about signs. The men in my husband's family all grow roses. My husband's grandfather published a book of sermons titled ROSES AND PEOPLE. So when I found Wild Rose Press it seemed like a natural fit. When I started reading their books, I was sure. I've never read anything from The Wild Rose Press that I didn't like. I'm proud to be associated with them.

Kimberlee said...

Yeah, the Wild Rose Press is an amazing place and I know that feeling of finally having your work accepted. Congrats on your accomplishment. I look forward to seeing it in print!

Sheryl said...

Hi Vicki
I was playing around with a WIP, hopefully my second submission to The Wild Rose Press. I was ensconced in my living room with my poorly three-legged doggie, whose back legs seemed to have given way, when I prayed for guidance on what best to do for her. My three-legged doggie got up an walked shakily out on her own. And again this morning!
A sign, I think, don't you?
Good Luck, Vicki, and God bless.