Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me - The Big 4-O

Hi Everyone,
Tomorrow is that landmark birthday for me - forty years old. A few people have asked me if I'm depressed about this or shared how depressing they found turning forty.

I admit to being a little depressed last year when I turned 39. The big 4-O seemed to be looming on the horizon, waiting to crush me. I've thought about it on and off during the year and was sometimes a little blue, but on the whole, I think I'm over it.

After all, what do I have to be depressed about? I have an absolutely great family. I have wonderful friends. I enjoy my job as library director to a small, rural library. I love my home. And I have my writing.

I feel honored to have been published by the Wild Rose Press. As a white rose author I have become very rich. Okay, I'm not talking about royalty checks here. I have become rich with friends and experiences.

I've always wanted to be a writer, from the time I learned to read. One of my oldest memories is of writing comic books with my brother - who is also a writer. The Wild Rose Press made my dream come true. I've been very fortunate to have been able to write and share the stories of my heart, to share my faith within those stories, and to have met my beautiful, amazing friends who are all part of The White Roses in Bloom.

I've spent the last year writing the Orchard Hill Romance series. I am so blessed to have an editor who believed in me enough to take on this project on the basis of one and an half finished stories and a proposal. Orchard Hill belongs to her as much as it does to me. I am also blessed by my family and friends who have encouraged and supported me all year.

This entry was meant to be about birthdays, but I guess it's more about Thanksgiving. Luckily that's later this week, so it fits. Anyway, all these blessings are the reason I'm not depressed about turning forty. Why would I want anything else than the life I already have? (Okay, there are times when I might think otherwise, but down deep, I know I am exactly where I want to be. And more importantly, I think I am where God wants me to be.)

So I won't be shedding any tears over this birthday. Instead, I'm going to celebrate all I can. Stop by my blog today or tomorrow and wish me a happy birthday. If you do, you'll be entered in a drawing for an Orchard Hill gift basket. Please be sure to leave your contact information, so I can notify you if you win.

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me...



Cindy K. Green said...

Good for you, Kara. I worry I'll fall into a deep depression when I turn 40. ;) Not really--but I do remember when I turned 29 that I felt like time was stalking me.

Wishing you lots of Birthday wishes. I can't wait to read the last Orchard Hill story. Congrats on finishing this series.

Nicola said...

Ah, yes 40 wasn't such a big deal for me, but 29 was a bear. All year, I kept thinking, "I'm going to be 30 next year." Then, when 30 rolled around--not a big deal! It was a lesson in not to worry about things over which I have no control...However, I have decided to start telling people I'm older than I really am so that I can get those, "Wow, you look good for your age" compliments. LOL!

You're so right, Kara, without the years behind us, we wouldn't be where we are now...and that's a good thing.

Sarita Leone said...

Oh Kara, this is a beautiful post. You made me smile, and warmed my heart. Thank you. It's so nice to know someone who realizes that every day is a blessing. And I think you're right; you're exactly where God thinks you should be.

Wishing you many wonderful birthdays! :)

Rose said...


I want you to know that my life got better after I turned forty and that was seven years ago!

Happy Birthday and Many, Many, Many More!


Jane said...

Happy Birthday, Kara. Hope all your wishes come true.

Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

Yep, sometimes life does begin at 40 Kara, you know that from reading The Inheritance :-)

No, really when I turned 40 my youngest was 18 and out of I'm a grandmother twice with one on the way!

Like a fine wine, life really does get better with age.

Happy Birtday dear Friend.