Wednesday, November 26, 2008

How to have a Very Happy Birthday!

1.Send kids off to school, husband off to work and go back to bed. Watch TV and surf the internet in peace and comfort.

2.Only get out of bed and get dressed because your mother calls and asks you out to lunch.

3.Ask your husband to make dinner. (Which means take-out!)

4.Gather your family to watch one of your favorite shows because your husband got you the DVD set!

5.Forget the cake! Buy yourself a decadent dessert like Raspberry Cream Cheese Pie (or whatever you like.)

6.Don’t worry about your age. You can’t avoid or skip birthdays so relax and enjoy them.

7.Laugh a lot.

8.Count your blessings.

9.Think about great things to come in the future.

10.Throw yourself a birthday blog party!

My birthday blog party was a great idea because:
1.I got to party in my pajamas.
2.My dear friends said lots of nice things about me.
3.I can print out the things they said and keep them forever.
4.Don’t have to worry about photos that can be used against me later.
5.The party didn’t cost me a thing!

Well, except the cost of the gift basket, but that was optional on my part. I wish I had a gift basket to send to everyone who posted. All of you helped make this the best birthday ever! Cora should be posting the gift basket winner any minute now!



Sarita Leone said...

It sounds like your birthday was wondeful. I'm so glad! You deserve only good things. :)

Karen Cogan said...

Hi. My name is Karen Cogan and I am enjoyed your site. I am happy to be joining the blog.