Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Show and Tell

Do you remember when you were you were a child and you went back to school after the holidays? Sometimes the teacher would allow us to bring in one gift we'd received for Show and Tell.

I'm declaring this post as Show and Tell for Christmas 2009. Did you receive any holiday surprises? A special gift? Did you make any outstanding memories? If so, this is the place to share.

Go Ahead. Don't be shy.

Oh, I'll right, I'll go first.

This Christmas I got a gift card for a department store. I've always joked that I wanted to work at home and have a professional wardrobe that was mostly made up of pajamas. So I decided to quit joking and take a step toward reaching my goal. Not so much my goal of having a separate pajama wardrobe, but of becoming a full time writer. So I bought two new pairs of pajamas that I've designated to be my "writing clothes." I have work clothes and casual clothes, so why not writing clothes?

Today I took a shower and got dressed in a pair of my new pajamas. They are flannel with a button-up top. Pink and purple cats sitting on stacks of books are arrayed against a white background. I thought this was a pretty good outfit for a romance writer. And here I am writing away.

I got a second great gift yesterday. The night before I'd been fretting about finding time to buy groceries and still have a girls' day out with my mother and daughters. My husband volunteered to do it for me! Later he said he'd do the grocery shopping every week if I wanted him to. And that could equal a couple more hours of writing time for me every week. Now is that a great gift or what! My husband is not so good at gifts that can be put in a box and wrapped up, but he's great at giving gifts of support.

Earlier this year he rearranged our bedroom to add a desk for me. That was another much appreciated gift. It's wonderful to have a place where I can close the door on everything else and just write. (Plus, it makes perfect sense to wear pajamas to work when your office is a bedroom.)

Will a couple pairs of fun pajamas help me keep to my work schedule? Probably not, but it might help. I'll let you know.

Okay, now it's your turn. What's your Christmas "Show and Tell?"


Clare Revell said...

Christmas wasn't so great here. Mainly consisted of 'not qualifying for presents as I have kids'. So hubby and I decided to do the same, not buy for each other as we have kids. Just give each other a hug instead.

So he picks up all the kids wrapping paper and holds it, then hugs me, so my hug was gift wrapped.

Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

Oh Clare, we've all been there and it's difficult. I remember one year we had $0.00 to spend on Christmas gifts - I wasn't even going to put up a tree - then God spoke to my heart and said - "it's not about the gifts you give but the One I gave."

I put up the tree and placed all of my knick-knacks underneath it...navivities, etc and you know what, we enjoyed the holiday anyway.

Hang in there, 2010 will be a better year.

Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

My biggest surprise was new living-room furniture from my son.

Of course I appreciate all of my gifts but this was something I hadn't thought about and wasn't even sure I wanted - after all, I had to throw out Terry's chair.....

Donald said...

Congratulations on your writing clothes! we had a good Christmas here. I had asked for a new set of every day dinnerware and my mother-in-law got me the whole thing! Each time I pick up a bright and cheery new plate, I smile. happy New Year. Pls say hello on

JoAnn said...

I loved the P.J. story. I had to laugh. When I rec'd my first royalty check, guess what I bought--you got it, a comfy pair of P.J.'s

And what a sweet heart of a husband you have there. The desk sounds lovely.

Kara Lynn Russell said...

Clare, I'd like to add my encouragement to Pam's. Do hang in there. Your gift-wrapped hug is a wonderful present. At least you weren't fighting instead, as often happens in stressful times. To me, that hug might have said "We're in this together."

Kara Lynn Russell said...

I'm finding that PJs are great "writing-ware." Thanks for the comments everyone.