Sunday, January 3, 2010

What's coming next to White Rose Publishing...

Prodigal by Robin Bayne

Release Date: 1-08-2010

Daniel Gardner is making a grand entrance at his brother’s wedding. The problem is, no one has seen him in years. Unsure of his welcome, this prodigal son needs the years and the hearts of his family to miraculously melt…but he may not be the only one needing to make amends.
Lane Taylor doesn’t realize how much she still loves Daniel until she’s standing face-to-face with him after so many years apart. Once upon a time, they’d dreamed of a life together. Now, when it seems they might get a second chance, she has to decide whether to divulge the secret she’s sure will shatter their happily-ever-after.

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Robin Bayne said...

I am so honored to be working with White Rose : )

Kara Lynn Russell said...

Robin, we're all glad you're here!

This sounds like a good story to start the year off with. Aren't most of us trying to start over in some way at the beginning of the year? Could we have an excerpt please?

Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

Ooohhh, sounds like a great story!

Congratulations and best of God's blessings with it.

Robin Bayne said...

Thanks Pamela!

Kara, here's an excerpt, thanks for asking!

“Hey.” Tim spoke first, breaking the silence between the brothers as they washed their hands. Strains of music filtered in from the band in the hall, but the water flow from the gold faucets sounded deadening to Daniel. The pungent smell of a cherry disinfectant irritated his nose.

“Hey. Thanks for not starting anything out there.” Daniel dried his hands on a rough paper towel, tossed it, then ran a hand through his hair. “I wasn’t sure what to expect after all this time.” He glanced sideways at Tim, then shrugged. “Liza said you all would welcome me home with open arms, but I just didn’t know.”

Tim sighed and tossed his own towel in the trashcan. “There are things to talk about, but my wedding reception isn’t the place. He reached walked toward the door, turning back as he grabbed the handle. “I am surprised Liza got you here. That you even thought to call her after all this time.”

Daniel remained at the sink, hands gripping both sides of the cold marble. A long pause followed, the only sound was water dripping from his grip. “And I’m surprised you let her go.”

Tim closed the door, his mouth slightly open but no words coming out. Daniel watched his brother take deep breaths and apparently struggle for words.
“You don’t know anything about me. About my life now.”

“I’d like to change that.” Daniel was relieved his brother did not roll his eyes at the statement. “I’d like to meet your new wife and get to know you both, spend some time here. I’ve made some changes over the years. I’d like to go to church with you, with the family.”

Tim seemed to consider his request for a few seconds, but then shook his head. “Let’s just get through this party. You have a lot of relatives out there with a lot of questions.”

“What about you, Tim? Do you have any questions?’

“Too many to count. They can wait. Well, all but one.”

“Yeah, what’s that?”

“Have you talked to Lane yet? She’s wandering around here somewhere.”

“Lane’s here?” Daniel started to double over. Had Tim punched him in the gut or what?

“Yeah, and I’m sure she has as many questions as I do. Maybe more.”